The Topp Twins

A New Zealand cultural institution, the Topp Twins are a well-loved duo whose popularity has spread around the world. Spontaneity is a vital ingredient of their magic on stage. Their unique blend of seriously good original country music, comedy characters and some of the finest yodelling you’ll hear anywhere, has won them many awards and accolades,

“…their comic throwaways should never disguise the fact that these two also happen to be superb singer songwriters and performers” - Edinburgh Herald.

The Topp Twins were firmly entrenched in the bosom of Kiwi culture with their own prime-time TV Series. The feature documentary The Topp Twins, Untouchable Girls, became NZ’s Number 1 Box Office Documentary and one of NZ’s Top 10 Films of all time. It won more than 20 awards including the People’s Choice Award at Toronto International Film Festival and sold around the world.

The Topp Twins re-invent themselves on stage, changing character, musical style and gender with ease. Armed with guitar, mouth-harp and spoons they delivery original songs, audience participation, comedy and burlesque innuendo in a fast-paced hilarious entertainment experience.

“Sheer joy ... they’re the Tops” Financial Times - London

“Break down doors to see them” The Age - Melbourne