Barefoot Divas

The Barefoot Divas are a powerful ensemble of six indigenous women from Australia, New Zealand and Papua New Guinea. Since their 2012 debut as the surprise hit of the Sydney International Arts Festival, the BAREFOOT DIVAS have gone on to mesmerize audiences internationally, with sell-out audiences across North America in 2014. In 2015 they were the highlight event of the Hong Kong Arts Festival selling out the 2000 seat Hong Kong Concert Hall.

Performing original compositions and singing in Aboriginal languages combined with a fusion of English and Maori (Te Reo) and PNG dialect, BAREFOOT DIVAS perform six-part harmonies with soaring voices swinging between Acoustic Roots, Jazz, R&B and Latin infused soul. Their critically acclaimed production WALK A MILE IN MY SHOES reflects the diverse and life-affirming experiences of contemporary Indigenous women, echoing their profound heritage, combined languages and outspoken stories.

Greater than the sum of their parts, BAREFOOT DIVAS commitment to the harmony of their collaboration is a metaphor for the value of each individual in our diverse communities across the planet.

Ursula Yovich (Burarra/Serbian), Emma Donovan (Gumbaynggirr NSW), Whirimako Black (Maori), Maisey Rika (Maori), Merenia (Maori/Roma/Gypsy) and Ngaiire (Papua New Guinea) come together as BAREFOOT DIVAS in a powerful symbolic musical collaboration.

“Barefoot Divas Stun Sydney!’ “A new show called ‘Walk a Mile in my Shoes’ has become the surprise hit of the Sydney festival.” - World News Australia

“I felt like I was lying on my side on lush grass and these beautiful women performers were pouring nectar into my ear – and it was running down into my soul… It’s to do with the preservation of centuries-old truths in the bodies of these women – what makes them Indigenous artists. And they remind us how ‘emptied out’ so much of our own culture has become.” - James Waites, Sydney Theatre Critic

“Barefoot Divas is a truly illuminating, heart-warming, spine-tingling experience that will resonate for audiences of all walks of life”. - ABC TV NEWS 24 Miriam Corowa