Siohban Leilani

Soul meets Funk meets Hip Hop meets Groove in the sultry post- modern vibe from this rising star who is definitely one to watch.

Heartfelt confessions of love and loss meet political and social issues in a subversive roller coaster ride of emotions, time signatures and groovy beats.

Siobhan’s neo-soul aesthetic takes the audience into the future of chill grooves, informed by 90s Hip Hop feel.

Siobhan Leilani combines the sweetness of soul jams with street- smart, rap-informed lyrics, and driving Hip Hop beats. 

“Words as poems, wordless vocals and instrumental Jazz are inextricably linked and always will be. Siobhan Leilani brought
a Kiwi version of that to the Jazz club and we loved it. It felt in place and the nimble-footed danced. This constant reconnection with the streets is an essential part of our music and we forget it at our peril... Siobhan Leilani (Siobhan Grace) is an interesting musician and one I hope we see a lot more of. The lyrics spoke of angst and identity and this worked well for Leilani. What impressed me most was the authenticity. The language and sentiments were honest; heart-felt and purely ‘street’. This was poetry and good poetry. Word play, syllables stressed for emphasis, cadence; telling a story in an original way.” -
John Fenton for