Sian Jaquet

Sian is as comfortable in a company boardroom, as she is inside an adolescent secure unit, working with family dynamics or progressing personal relationships. Her wealth of experience has been gathered across the world, and over many years in her diverse roles – from teaching and social work, to working in the media, public speaking, board membership and executive coaching.

Sian’s many skills have allowed her to develop a set of simple, but highly effective tools and processes which enable others to make their lives more fulfilling and less complicated.

Sian has a natural compassion and warmth, but is a realist and is recognized internationally as a committed advocate for the welfare of people, young and old. She’s gained her skills at the coalface, helping those too vulnerable to have a voice in society and she firmly believes in keeping it real. Sian is someone who shoots from the hip, she’s great at thinking on her feet and is never lost for words.

“It’s time to take responsibility for our own happiness… We are all good at focusing on what we’re not good at, this is your opportunity to review your life and gather up all the positives.”