The Holiwater Band, an international collective of artists from the UK, India and New Zealand, blends classical Indian composition with lush, ambient grooves in a contemporary style. It is a mesmerizing meeting of ancient and modern sounds, courtesy of a collaboration between internationally renowned sarod maestro, Vikash Maharaj and pop/dub legend Tom Bailey of International Observer and Thompson Twins fame.

Vikash Maharaj comes from a family who has a very long line of musicians dating back over 500 years.  Accompanying on the tabla is his son Prabhash Maharaj, a highly awarded tabla player, and on percussion is Auckland percussionist James Pinker, who has worked with Dead Can Dance and Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan. 

The Holiwater Band is an off-shoot of the Holiwater Project, a public installation music / film work conceived and directed by photographer and video artist Andrei Jewell, that was developed in response to the plight of the Ganges River and focuses attention to the sustainable management of water.

In the last 9 years The Holiwater Band has performed eleven critically acclaimed shows to thousands of people, in settings from gothic cathedrals, wooded glades, desert palace reservoirs and on the banks for the Ganges itself. The live show (with or without installation and projected imagery) is a captivating experience that has received acclaimed reviews.

“The cinematic ambience encourages the listener into a world which is unhurried, meditative, yet pin point present - a show based on intense concentration, skill, and almost telepathic communication between the performing artists” - Metro Magazine

“Talk about bucolic bliss at WOMAD… The Holiwater Project puts on another mesmerising set” -  Listener Magazine