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Diva Christmas

Diva the Agency’s season of celebration at Q Theatre, concludes with a special performance by Siobhan Leilani and Rodney Fisher (Goodshirt) at the Loft.

A perpetually evolving and dynamic creative, Rodney has been a key personality in the New Zealand music industry since the rise of his band Goodshirt after their first album release in 2001. Rodney fronted and wrote songs for Goodshirt until 2005, when his solo career took him to the United Kingdom, and onto festival stages and music broadcasts with some of the best in the business. During that time, Rodney created the first assembly of “Rodney & The Rest”, a concept that has gone on to encompass many of his collaborations with the huge variety of artists he draws into his touching and personal melodic folk-country soundworld. Lately, Rodney has been creating compelling content across media with his successful “Songs from the Backyard” web series, finding opportunities for the best new talent New Zealand has to offer, and working on his own material both solo and with his Goodshirt bandmates.

Siobhan Leilani is a soul-fusion project drawing influences from Siobhan's life. Soul meets Funk meets Hip Hop meets Groove in the sultry post-modern vibe from this rising star who is definitely one to watch. Heartfelt confessions of love and loss meet political and social issues in a subversive roller coaster ride of emotions, time signatures and groovy beats. Siobhan’s neo-soul aesthetic takes the audience into the future of chill grooves, informed by 90s Hip Hop feel. 

Join us for a special launch of NZ’s premier talent agency.