Deb Filler

One of the world’s great storytellers. 

Deb Filler is a character actor, writer and teacher. Her interpersonal communication focuses on using humour to inspire personal transformation both at home and in the workplace. Deb’s father was a Holocaust survivor whose sense of humour enabled him to get through the most dire circumstances ever.

Deb, a huge proponent of humor used in small measures to enlighten and propel a conversation forward, is a remarkably versatile and sensitive MC and speaker. She understands that the worthwhile ingredient to any recipe for unlocking truths and connecting with people, is humour. Presentations or interactions seasoned with humour can keep things “real”. We’re talking wit. Insightful humor.  Interesting observations. Levity with a capital L. Her plethora of hilarious and poignant stories are guaranteed to stay with you, and it’s the poignancy which drives the laughter.

“Magnificent.... hilarious... to miss her would be madness!” - New Zealand Herald

“Funny and affecting...She is a brilliant observer and her characterisations...are powerfully nuanced.” - The Sydney Morning Herald

“Filler’s overriding warmth, relaxed delivery and level of comfort is so engaging.” - The Toronto Star, Canada

“The humour is sharp...superb...likely to connect with anyone who’s ever looked in the mirror” - Time Out, London (Critic's Pick)